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About Us

MDX Technologies is a Synthetic Cadaver Manufacturing, Simulation, Visualization, and Information Technology Company that offers market-leading healthcare simulations and AI software development for the Healthcare and IT industry.

We have developed advanced high-fidelity, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and machine learning-based technology solutions to bring synthetic cadavers, 3D, 4D, VR, and AR-based simulators to the medical, research & development, and educational community.

We manufacture highly adaptive synthetic cadavers and healthcare simulations with graduate case-based illness and symptoms; our Virtual Simulators use 3D, 4D, VR, and AR Simulation and Visualization technologies to completely immerse learners into a realistic environment and scenarios.

Our Service

Our healthcare and Biomedical Learning Services are specially developed for medical Students, learners, and teaching staff at medical schools, centers of excellence, and individual research and development organizations.
 We cover medical Visualization, medical simulation, virtual organ reconstructions, and clinical practicum using smart synthetic cadavers or virtual simulators to coursework-based practicum scenarios for Physician Assistants, Nurse Practitioners, and 3rd and 4th-year medical students.

Synthetic Medical Cadavers & Data Analytics is a service that caters to medical organizations, teaching hospitals, universities, and colleges.
Synthetic Medical Cadavers service is a mix of hardware and software combination. This service integrates Artificial Intelligence into Synthetic cadavers and makes them available for medical students for Open cadaver, open body learning experience with symptoms and illness for real-life experience.

Business Consulting and staff Augmentation is essential to an organization’s success. Leasing a new simulation system, addressing anomalies within the established simulators, or meeting standards and compliance requirements to remain operational is a significant initiative; for clients who already have their simulation environment installed and are evaluating available options to Buy Vs. Building or Procure Vs. Leasing; can be time-consuming.Our Technology Strategy, Standards & Compliance Services can address your strategic needs; 

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