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Artificial Medical Cadavers

Artificial medical Cadavers are also known as Synthetic Cadavers. These are head to tow replicas of the human body, from fat tissue to elastic tendons and ligaments to organs and rigid bones. 

MDX Technologies utilizes Artificial Intelligence with Machine Learning technology to create various illnesses and integrate them into these cadavers.
We integrate small circuits, mechatronics, and other technologies with AI and ML-based programs to create various functions, from a beating heart to simulated childbirth in a cadaver, and turn it into an intelligent cadaver for education, training, and research & development.

Efforts and skills involved in transforming cadavers into smart cadavers for learning and development are one of our core service offerings. 

Our Research and Development team has been working on creating logical, realistic 3D replicas of human organs and then introducing technology into these organs to convert them into a portable learning lab for medical students, learners, and teaching staff for close to reality open cadavers experience.