Business Consulting & Staff Augmentation Services:

Business Consulting and Staff Augmentation is essential to an organization’s success. Leasing a new simulation system, addressing anomalies within the established simulators, or meeting standards and compliance requirements to remain operational is a significant initiative; for clients who already have their simulation environment installed and are evaluating available options to Buy Vs. Build or Procure Vs. Lease, the evaluation and decision-making process can be time-consuming.Our Technology Strategy, Standards & Compliance Services can address your strategic needs; we can conduct a review engagement on your behalf with internal and external technology and business stakeholders, conduct research, and provide you with a comprehensive report.

We can review and document organizational, legislative, or related compliance gaps and address and implement the fixes to help you pass your required audits within any healthcare setting.

As an organization, you can outsource such tasks completely, or we can assist you by offering staff augmentation services to help you meet your organizational challenges.

Business Consulting & Staff Augmentation

From concept to reality, we prepare individual solutions for a better tomorrow.



Strategy, Standard, and Compliance are the three building blocks for staying profitable, secure, and agile in any business. Our Technology Strategy, Standards & Compliance service has the knowledge, experience, and credentials to create a fluid strategy to keep up with your
organization’s growth, address all of the local, state, and federal standards, and meet regulatory compliances to remain profitable and adaptive to future needs. 

We have extensive experience reviewing or creating a technology strategy that addresses the overall business plan, which will consist of principles, objectives, and tactics for integrating technology to achieve organizational goals and excellence.

MDX Technologies has some of the best technology minds in the field of Technology Risk management portfolio. In risk management, our experts aim to identify potential technology risks before they occur and then implement a plan to address those technology risks.

We have developed a process and a tool that addresses seven key steps to minimize technology risks. These steps are:

Staff augmentation offers a solution to have access to highly trained talent with the skills required to move organizational priorities forward. MDX Technologies has been providing staff augmentation since early 2010 for our clients.

MDX Technologies can provide a specialized technical resource to fulfill your mission-critical application’s specific requirements. We can augment your technical challenges & requirements with our own resources and provide you with a contractor on our payroll who can address all of your technical needs.