Healthcare & Biomedical Learning Services :

Our healthcare and Biomedical Learning Services are specially developed for medical Students, learners, and teaching staff at medical schools, centers of excellence, and individual research and development organizations.

We cover medical Visualization, medical simulation, virtual organ reconstructions, and clinical practicum using smart synthetic cadavers or virtual simulators to coursework-based practicum scenarios for Physician Assistants, Nurse Practitioners, and 3rd and 4th-year medical students.

We can create special-purpose build scenarios for your complex medical training and exercise.

Healthcare & Biomedical Learning Services :


Biomedical visualization, more specifically in the Healthcare industry, is a multidisciplinary field that draws upon and integrates subject matter experts from various disciplines, including life science, learning science, medicine, graphics, animation & immersive multimedia. MDX Technologies has the expertise to use persuasive

We cater and provide students & learners an environment where they can interact with virtual patients and in comprehensive patient encounters and learn the complete life cycle of patient care from history to diagnosis to management plans.


Acquiring the necessary skills to perform procedures, tasks, and patient administration is one of the critical requirements for successfully completing the education in the applied health curriculum. It is considered the totality of student experiences in the education process.


Physician Assistant Simulations provide a complete lifecycle of Symptoms to Diagnosis in a simulated environment. We deliver and cater to Physician Assistant (PA), Nurse Practitioner (NP), and 3rd and 4th-year students to practice and improve upon their skills necessary to complete all of the requirements in a simulated patient experience