technology strategy
technology strategy

Technology Strategy, Standards & Compliance Services (TSSC)

Strategy, Standard, and Compliance are the three building blocks for staying profitable, secure, and agile in any business. Our Technology Strategy, Standards & Compliance service has the knowledge, experience, and credentials to create a fluid strategy to keep up with your
organization’s growth, address all of the local, state, and federal standards, and meet regulatory compliances to remain profitable and adaptive to future needs. 

We have extensive experience reviewing or creating that addresses the overall business plan, which will consist of principles, objectives, and tactics for integrating technology to achieve organizational goals and excellence.

MDX Technologies have the expertise to address, define, and implement Technology Standards to secure your strategy and make it attainable for all. We can cover all five stages, from entry, Adoption, Adaptation, and infusion to transformation. We can integrate and manage a technology risk Strategy at any stage, from Early, Adaptation, or Transformation Stages; we rewrite our create brand new technology strategies to meet your organizational requirements.

Our highly proficient team members can address complex and sensitive compliances requirements for any technology venture; we have the expertise to address Technology compliance requirements associated to HIPAA, General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), PCI DSS, NIST, the Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) Act, and FedRAMP.